Mat Cleaning Guide

For best results: Mats should receive scheduled cleanings. Our carpet and entrance mats are designed to lower your maintenance costs and still be easily maintained. Simply follow these instructions to keep your mats looking great and functioning effectively.

SpongeCote™ Mats, PVC Sponges and Urethane Mats (Dry area mats): Sweep regularly or dry-mop the surface. These mats can be wet-mopped with mild soap or detergent. For best results use a detergent like Ivory Liquid with a ph between 4.0 - 9.0.

Moulded Rubber and PVC Anti-fatigue Mats (those designed for Wet areas): Use a high-pressure hose (not to exceed 1800 psi) and hot water (max 160 degrees F) to rid the mat of oils. For best results use a mild soap or detergent like Ivory Liquid with a ph between 4.0 - 9.0, to clean the mats. Do not use steam, degreasers or caustic chemicals. Do not machine wash or mechanically scrub the mats.

ESD Mats: When cleaning ESD mats, it is important to sweep or dry-mop the surface regularly. Also wet-mop or wipe off with mild soap or a static control cleaning solution that will not leave a residue. This will allow the mat to continue to function efficiently.

Carpet and Entrance Mats: Take the mats outside and shake them to remove excess dirt and debris. If necessary, use a hose (avoid extremely high-pressure or high temperatures) to wash them off. Then allow the carpeted mats to dry before bringing them back inside.