Ambassador Machine Tools Pty Ltd is situated in Perth Western Australia. Our central offices are in the heart of West Perth on Prowse Street, our showrooms are in Catherine Street at the Bentley commercial sector.

Ambassador Machine Tools Pty Ltd represents 600 Machinery in Western Australia by marketing their range of machine tools and spare parts.

Ambassador Machine Tools Pty Ltd specialises in sales and repairs of new and used machines and all related items.

We have a comprehensive range of spare parts for all types of machinery both large and small. Our machine tool fitters are fully qualified and are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to meet your needs.
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Ambassador Machine Tools Pty Ltd are a national supplier of tooling for the engineering and manufacturing industry. Our products range from A to Z starting with angle blocks, machine lights and finally with zero set gauges. The list of tooling available is wide-ranging. Let us know your needs, as we do want to help you.

We specialise in procuring those hard to get items for the engineering and mining industry, including parts for lathes, milling machines, horizontal borers, pumps and motors. You name it and we will obtain it.

Do you have machinery for sale? We will undertake to purchase, or sell on your behalf new and used machinery.

The people at Ambassador Machine Tools Pty Ltd still see our customers as the most important person in our business. Contact us and we will help you in every way possible with our wonderful service, quality products, and superb after sales service.

For a comprehensive list including catalogues and brochures of all our products and details of our terms and conditions of sale please contact our offices and one of our friendly and helpful staff will contact you in the near future.